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  • hillj888
    started a topic Translation and pronunciation request

    Translation and pronunciation request


    I am creating a dance piece and am dedicating it to a dear friend of mine who is Scottish and who recently passed away. she lived her life with unending passion and enthusiasm and i would like the title of the piece to be a Scottish Gaelic word that reflects that. From my research...
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  • DRL
    started a topic Translate please!

    Translate please!


    I am 75% Scottish, and I live on the east coast of Canada. I am looking to get the writing on my family crest translated into Scottish Gaelic.
    Could someone please translate:
    " Neither Swiftly Nor Slowly " and " Son of the Sea " into Gaelic for...
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  • Taaami
    started a topic Tattoo Translation, please? :)

    Tattoo Translation, please? :)

    Hi there,
    I wondered if anybody could please help me translating a phrase into scottish gaelic?
    I'm a photographer and I'm planning getting a camera tattoo with a gaelic phrase:
    "capture the beauty of life" or "the beauty of life, captured"
    Thank you...
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  • NightwyrmX
    started a topic Looking for a translation into Gaelic

    Looking for a translation into Gaelic

    Hi all

    I'm looking for a translation of the inspiration for my soul into Scots Gaelic. The closest I've been able to come myself is brosnachadh do m'anam but I don't if that's correct or not (the "inspiration" should be feminine).

    Is anyone able to please help...
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  • dragonandbear
    started a topic Translation help please.

    Translation help please.

    I would like a scots-gaelic translation for the following words...

    and by family I am referring to complete family like grandfathers, father, mother, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, children, grandchildren,...
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  • sarahannestewar
    started a topic Translation :)

    Translation :)

    Hi everyone!
    I am looking for the translation of the quote
    "shine your light wherever you go" into Scottish-Gaelic.
    and the pronunciation if possible.
    I tried on an online translator, but you never know if the grammar is right ect...
    much thanks!
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  • missrowan
    started a topic Translation please!!

    Translation please!!

    Hello, I would really appreciate a translation from English to Scots Gaelic for "Love, Laugh, Live"...if there are more than one please give me everything you've got!! Thanks!!
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  • Do Irish proverbs have any relevance when written in Scottish Gaelic?

    Do Irish proverbs have any relevance when written in Scottish Gaelic? For example: "Nothing without effort" seems to be a fairly commonly used Irish proverb, but does it transfer to Scottish as well? Also, in Irish Gaelic it is expressed: "Tada gan irrracht", what would the proper...
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  • Smee3
    started a topic Translation from English to Scots Gaelic.

    Translation from English to Scots Gaelic.

    I would really appreciate it if anyone could translate a quotation in English to Scots Gaelic.I understand there are many different dialects and offshoots to this complex language but the translation can be in any dialect as long as it is an authentic language.
    The quotation is this: Love turns,with...
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  • redcat
    started a topic Scottish Gaelic

    Scottish Gaelic

    I was wondering whether someone can help me with a translation of the phrase 'watched over from above' into Scottish Gaelic. Thanks to anyone that can help.
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