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  • DRL
    started a topic Translate please!

    Translate please!


    I am 75% Scottish, and I live on the east coast of Canada. I am looking to get the writing on my family crest translated into Scottish Gaelic.
    Could someone please translate:
    " Neither Swiftly Nor Slowly " and " Son of the Sea " into Gaelic for...
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  • CragHenderson
    started a topic Help with translation please

    Help with translation please

    What is the Scottish Gaelic for the phase 'In loving memory (NAME) and (NAME)'?

    This for a memorial tattoo for my nan and grandfather there names where Prudence and Dmhnall
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  • Hookemdmc
    started a topic Another translation for TATTOO

    Another translation for TATTOO

    Can someone please help with translating FAMILY COMES FIRST into Scott's Gaelic? This is a phrase used in my house from childhood and one I live by. I am getting a tatto and would like to have this incorporated in, but am not sure how this would be written as a phrase.
    Thank you for any help...
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  • oliver86
    started a topic Whisky Naming

    Whisky Naming

    Good morning!

    I have just bought into a whisky cask at one of the distilleries on Islay. One of the troubles is coming up with a name suggestion. Have spent most of this morning (on the night shift in the middle of the north sea waiting on the weather!) on various dictionary and Gaelic...
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  • missrowan
    started a topic Translation please!!

    Translation please!!

    Hello, I would really appreciate a translation from English to Scots Gaelic for "Love, Laugh, Live"...if there are more than one please give me everything you've got!! Thanks!!
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