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  • katiebanana12
    started a topic Scotland friends!

    Scotland friends!

    Hello! My name is Katie and I'm from the US. I adore traveling and I my next adventure brings me to Scotland! I am looking to meet some friends on here so when I go they can show me some amazing sights and looking for some great friends along the way! I love New adventures and can be a bit of a handful...
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  • TessM
    started a topic Looking for pen pals from Scotland

    Looking for pen pals from Scotland

    Older American female with many interests, seeking pen pals over 50 from Scotland, I've a good sense of humor, enjoy travel, cooking, history, and many other things. I travel a lot for work and have been to Glasgow and other parts of Scotland many times, love it but it would be nice to meet people to...
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  • LavenderSage
    started a topic New friends

    New friends

    Hello y'all!
    My name is Anna and I love making new friends and learning about new cultures. I'm currently earning a Master's Degree in Secondary Education. I also run my own small craft business through an e-marketplace. I'm online quite a bit for school and business research, and thought...
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  • American lady would love to chat with Scottish guy

    I am a 20 year old American with some Irish descent, who loves both Irish and Scottish culture. Though I would love to go to Ireland I think the highlands of Scotland are just a little more gorgeous lol. I love listening to Celtic Thunder and watching people Performe the River Dance always amazes...
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  • MsThinker1818
    started a topic New York Girl Looking For Scottish Pen Pals

    New York Girl Looking For Scottish Pen Pals

    I just thought this would be a great experience. I like making new friends and learning new things. I'm young but that doesn't mean I have any shortage of life experience, I just want this to be another one. Who knows what may some of it.
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