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  • Jason187
    started a topic Please help! Translate and pronounce!

    Please help! Translate and pronounce!

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone can break down and explain how to pronounce Ceann a' Mhlidh
    and could possibly help with the translation, it's meant to be Gaelic for kinmylies which is an area I'm from in the city of Inverness, and it's meant to mean Head of the Warriors, can anyone confirm...
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  • TreehuggerLad
    started a topic A petition for a standard spelling

    A petition for a standard spelling

    Here is a link to a petition for Scots to have a standard spelling. it holds no biased towards any existing proposals but seeks to raise awareness of the issue and hopefully let people know that this is an important matter. Also a friend of mine may be meeting Nicola Sturgeon and they will pass a letter...
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  • Come join a facebook group for a Standard Scots Spelling

    I have made a standard spelling for the Scots language which draws from Older Scots texts but with a few innovations to fully represent spoken Scots. I am currently writing a dictionary for it! you can see it on this page and feel free to join if you want.
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  • oliver86
    started a topic Whisky Naming

    Whisky Naming

    Good morning!

    I have just bought into a whisky cask at one of the distilleries on Islay. One of the troubles is coming up with a name suggestion. Have spent most of this morning (on the night shift in the middle of the north sea waiting on the weather!) on various dictionary and Gaelic...
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  • Anna Gable
    started a topic The Vikings are back :)

    The Vikings are back :)

    Something short about myselt then: I'm Swedish, but I like the so called "celtic culture" a lot, the music, dances, etc. I've been dancing Scottish country dances for some years, (also tried a bit highland dancing, but I'll never be good at it, lol). I also fell in love with Blair castle on...
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