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  • Jason187
    started a topic Please help! Translate and pronounce!

    Please help! Translate and pronounce!

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone can break down and explain how to pronounce Ceann a' Mhlidh
    and could possibly help with the translation, it's meant to be Gaelic for kinmylies which is an area I'm from in the city of Inverness, and it's meant to mean Head of the Warriors, can anyone confirm...
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  • AilsingguAlba
    started a topic looking for Scottish penpal

    looking for Scottish penpal

    I am looking for a Scottish pen pal who knows Gaelic. I have always been in love with Scotland. One day I hope to be able to visit alas it's not as soon as I would like. If you want to make friends and help a gal fulfill a dream of learning Gaelic please send me a message.
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  • 25yo F Australian looking for Scottish friends, pen pals... ?

    Hi All,

    I am a 25yo female currently living in Australia, but am soon to be relocating to the beautiful Scottish Highlands.
    As I do not yet know many people over there other than family, I was hoping to make some connections here.
    We can talk, be friends, write each other...
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  • First superhero graphic novel translated into Gaelic

    Saltire Ionnsaigh is the worlds first superhero graphic novel to be translated into Gaelic. Due to be launched at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on August 14th, Saltire Ionnsaigh has been translated by Raghnaid Sandilands of Asterix fame. The original English edition - Saltire Invasion was...
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  • DRL
    started a topic Translate please!

    Translate please!


    I am 75% Scottish, and I live on the east coast of Canada. I am looking to get the writing on my family crest translated into Scottish Gaelic.
    Could someone please translate:
    " Neither Swiftly Nor Slowly " and " Son of the Sea " into Gaelic for...
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  • Taaami
    started a topic Tattoo Translation, please? :)

    Tattoo Translation, please? :)

    Hi there,
    I wondered if anybody could please help me translating a phrase into scottish gaelic?
    I'm a photographer and I'm planning getting a camera tattoo with a gaelic phrase:
    "capture the beauty of life" or "the beauty of life, captured"
    Thank you...
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  • Tocasaid
    started a topic Leabhar r is cel/ Gaelic book launch with gig

    Leabhar r is cel/ Gaelic book launch with gig

    Tim Armstrong:
    Chaidh a dhearbhadh an-diugh gu bheil talla r againn dhan cuirm-bhogaidh Oidhche-shathairne, an 27mh ann an Dn ideann: am bta The Cruz ann an Lte. Bidh againn ri beagan airgead a chosg air ml a bhta, agus mar sin, bidh prs air an doras a-nis, cig not, ach s fhiach...
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  • CragHenderson
    started a topic Help with translation please

    Help with translation please

    What is the Scottish Gaelic for the phase 'In loving memory (NAME) and (NAME)'?

    This for a memorial tattoo for my nan and grandfather there names where Prudence and Dmhnall
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  • NightwyrmX
    started a topic Looking for a translation into Gaelic

    Looking for a translation into Gaelic

    Hi all

    I'm looking for a translation of the inspiration for my soul into Scots Gaelic. The closest I've been able to come myself is brosnachadh do m'anam but I don't if that's correct or not (the "inspiration" should be feminine).

    Is anyone able to please help...
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  • ermm
    started a topic I need some help!

    I need some help!

    I'm a 17 year-old student from Barcelona (Catalonia). I'm doing a work about minorized lenguages. I went to Scotland this summer (really beautiful), but I didn't found what I want. I have looked for some information about gaelic scottish ban.
    I made an interview to some people...
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  • hardcore_riggie
    started a topic Want to learn Gaelic?

    Want to learn Gaelic?

    I know a fantastic website. I've been using it for over a month now, and I'm doing well.

    BBC - Alba - Beag Air Bheag
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  • missrowan
    started a topic Translation please!!

    Translation please!!

    Hello, I would really appreciate a translation from English to Scots Gaelic for "Love, Laugh, Live"...if there are more than one please give me everything you've got!! Thanks!!
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  • redcat
    started a topic Scottish Gaelic

    Scottish Gaelic

    I was wondering whether someone can help me with a translation of the phrase 'watched over from above' into Scottish Gaelic. Thanks to anyone that can help.
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  • Norseman
    started a topic Falkirk Mod 2008 Fringe Highlights

    Falkirk Mod 2008 Fringe Highlights

    Falkirk Mod 2008- Donnie Munro Concert and Fringe Highlights: This year the Royal National Mod is coming to the Falkirk Council area for the very first time, from 10th to 18th Ocotber. We are honoured and proud to host the Mod and pleased to play our part in helping to ensure the survival of the Gaelic...
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