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  • Traveling with kids

    I was wondering if there are people on this forum who can give me some advice about traveling with kids in Scotland.

    I am a big fan of the B&B's and i would love to show this to my children not only the beauty of scotland but also the hospitality.
    They are 4 and 6 years at the time we will go on this trip.

    I have a few things on my list to go see and do, but i want it to be equally fun for my children. I have a list of scottish castles i still want to see and they are in the areas Fife, Perth and Kinross Stirling and Edinburgh area.

    First thing: I have looked around on the internet and found just a handfull of B&B which advertise that they welcome children.
    Is there a way to find out wicht B&B welcome children in the areas we go to?

    I was planning on renting a car, so traveling is not a problem.
    I would love a nice cottage or something bigger, but it would be nice to be a bit rural.

    The second thing is there any way to find something to do for the children in these areas. I mean a castle is nice and there are things to do for children, but i would love to give them something to do for their age in the areas we are going to.

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    You can contact the Tourist Information offices for the areas you'd like to see. They should have information regarding lodging and activities.

    UK Tourist Information Centres, England, Scotland, Wales

    Official UK tourism | Places to go in England, Scotland, Wales & NI

    Tourist Information UK - Your Guide to England, Scotland and Wales

    All have good links. There are kid friendly places and museums, living history type places, zoos, parks, lot's of things for kids to do. I'd suggest balancing out the adult sites with a kid place, maybe save the kid place for last, and NOT overloading with places you HAVE to see, save something for the next trip! You can't do a marathon with kids.

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      Thanks Kathyv,

      I will look into this, and it is true about the marathon and saving something for another trip. But there is so much i would love to see, Scotland is so big.....


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        look on airbnb. its a lot cheaper than your average bnb's and you can chat with the host before booking....they also do full houses at a well reduced price. (i recently got a 7 berth flat in berlin for a week for 200)

        also remember kids travel free on trains in scotland as long as theyre with a paying adult