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UK Customs on bringing Food from US

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  • UK Customs on bringing Food from US

    So I know this is a dumb questions and I have read its not allowed. But am going to visit a friend in Scotland and we have the most amazing delicious steak here that you will never be able to get in Scotland , is there any way to try and hide it by freezing it to bring over in a checked bag if I pack it well enough ? Or am I just asking to get into trouble? If I am not allowed to bring it on the plane can I ship meat from US to the UK, or still not allowed either?

    I understand why the law is in place I was just curious if anyone had any experience with trying to sneak it in.

    Thank you to anyone with advice or just to tell me I'm nuts for asking haha!

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    very risky trying to smuggle anything in to be honest.

    youl probably and up getting it confiscated and youl be lucky to avoid a decent sized fine.