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Breakfast in either Pitlochry or Dunkled

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  • Breakfast in either Pitlochry or Dunkled

    Afternoon Folks;

    Our trip back to Scotland is fast approaching... I'm making the final preps/plans. IS there any suggestions for breakfast in either Pitlochry or Dunkeld? I appreciate your help!

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    Hi there, I guess you're not quite 24 hours from Tulsa !

    2 years ago my family and I stayed in The Old Mill Inn in Pitlochry, the area my father's father's family all come from (Blair Atholl, Pitlochry, Kirkmichael). It's located in a sort of small, quiet pedestrianised loop behind a group of shops in the main street. It's also opposite an art/crafts shop. It has its own parking. Lovely location, waterwheel beside the stream etc. We had a family room that we never ever wanted to leave behind for the rest of our lives ! Breakfasts were lovely and the Scottish breakfast keeps you going a long time ! They also included Stornoway black pudding (I'd never tried before) which I'm now a big fan of.

    If you get the chance, stay there a night or two. My wife, who is from the Philippines, had been getting stressed out for a while in the Middle East but still normally likes people around (she's from bustling Manila). Pitlochry was much quieter of course and I though she'd miss the hustle and bustle, yet she absolutely loved Pitlochry, found it serene and friendly and calmed her better than any doctor. She told me she could have stayed in Pitlochry forever. If I'd had money, we would have !

    Here's a link and I do recommend this place:-

    Old Mill Inn Pitlochry | Pitlochry Bed & Breakfast


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      Hello Laclan.
      Thanks for the info.... We are staying at the Hilton Dunkeld house. (we are cashing in on a lot of loyalty points! My wife's work has her traveling a lot.)
      I checked on line about your suggestion, it looks very appealing...

      Have a great weekend (BTW I'm only 6 hours away form Tulsa... Can't get too far from Sooner land!!)

      Have a Great weekend....