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  • travel maybe in 2016

    Hi all,

    I am planning my next holiday and know i want it to be in Scotland, was hoping to tour the highlands. Can anyone give me tips, suggestions??
    I wont make it probably til 2016 as i just started a new job, but i would love to form some friendships in the mean time 😀

    Thanks all,
    X. Jj

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    There's a lot of helpful stuff in this forum.

    It would help members to respond better if you gave a little more info; what your interests and abilities are, what you'd like to see most, how you plan to travel. You may not have those kinds of things figured out yet, but reading through some of the posts in this section might help.

    My very first suggestion to anyone planning to travel anyplace; invest in a GOOD travel guide. One that has contact info, ticket purchasing info, guides for places to eat and stay, maps and well researched location information. (I like my DK Eyewitness guide!)
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      Good idea, Kathy.

      i just graduated from photography school in October, so its more a photography trip than anything else. I haven't really decided what time of year or anything like that out yet. I know I want to see places like the Five Sisters mountain range.. obviously some of the castles. I'll probably rent a car. Ive been to Ireland twice now so driving on the opposite side of the road doesn't bother me.

      Im really not sure much of anything else. More or less I just made the decision that this is where i'd like to go.


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        Well, really, anyplace you pick will be filled with photo ops!

        Do your research! And don't be afraid to ask questions.

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