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  • Travel Tip If Visiting Scotland

    Little tip for people visiting Scotland and in particular the cities of Edinburgh & Stirling.

    Having spent this last Easter weekend in our fair capital and Stirling, my OH and I decided to sign up for membership with the National Trust For Scotland

    Web: Welcome to the National Trust for Scotland Online - 22 April 2014

    Being used to visiting attractions in Glasgow regularly, I'm accustomed to not paying admission for galleries and exhibits, I was a bit shocked at the admission prices of some very basic exhibits in Edinburgh and ended up spending about 100 to view two attractions just off the Royal Mile.

    The next day I was in Stirling and called in on the Battle of Bannockburn heritage centre (it's been under refurbishment for the 700 year anniversary) and saw that it would be another 30 just for my GF and I.

    With an NTS family pass that includes for 2 adults and 4 children coming in at around 71.40, we decided to sign up for future days out but we would have saved a fortune if we had signed up prior to Edinburgh.

    So my advise if you are visiting, sign up for a years membership, you get tons of free admissions to attractions and then visit Glasgow where most stuff is free anyway. Over a week long vacation, you should save a good bit of money and not miss things because you don't want to shell out these expensive admission charges.

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    Scotland is filled with castles, and that what im excited about. Thanks for this!


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      Great advice...but which one?

      In planning for an August, 2015 three week trip to Scotland, we, too, looked at the various "heritage passes". There's the Scottish Heritage Pass, the Historic Scotland Explorer Pass and the Nat'l Trust Scotland Discover ticket.

      I've tried to look over our anticipated route, and see what "attractions/sights" are in or near to the areas we will be going through or staying at, and then comparing those with each of the passes. It's a bit mind-boggling and I'm not sure if we should splurge and buy all three (or a combination of several) or just buy one, and pay the admission for anything that isn't covered on whichever pass(es) we end up getting...

      Any advice?