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POLL: Use of Scottish Money in the UK?

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    If I'm being honest, this whole subject makes my blood boil!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At the end of the day, I don't think there is any clean cut issue, other than certain elements of "South of the Border" looking at anything Scottish as "primitive or crooked"

    I remember travelling down to the Warwickshire area of England back in 2002, where a shopkeeper treated me like a second class citizen when I handed over a 5 note. He joked about it being legal tender, where I had to bite my bottom lip off, rather than cause a scene.

    Scottish banks/cash machines have thrown out English notes for YEARS!!!! and although it doesn't seem as natural as a group of Scottish notes in your wallet, we've never inspected them closely or expected scrutiny in dealings or exchange.

    So, at the end of the day, it all comes down to "historic grudge" in my honest opinion.

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      scottish money is legal tender all over the uk as its "sterling"

      the 8 who said its not are just wrong.

      its illegal for a shop in the uk to refuse sterling as legal tender

      "i promise to pay the bearer" is written on ALL uk note

      a lot of shops in england/wales will have a good look at them as they dont know what they look like and counterfitters used this to con the shops for years but if you cause a fuss they must take it.....northern irish money gets the same looks too.

      i was in a restraunt in england years ago and they refused to let me pay with scottish money so i walked out without paying and they called the police. the police came and i explained i had offered to pay but they refused to accept it... the owner of the place was then cautioned by the police...n i got a free meal...haha