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  • Glenrothes

    Wow!! My departure date is "just around the corner", and I'm just bursting with excitement!! Can someone tell me anything about GLenrothes? Where is it? What, exactly, is Glenrothes?
    And, is Fife an area in Scotland; does it equate to a "county"
    here in the 'States?---Texasmujer

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    There are good and bad sites below

    Fife is a county !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Fife is a Kingdom!


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        Fife is a kindom? Is this an example of American/Scots knowledge, or lack of? I was in Edinburgh, and found it REALLY wonderful.


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          Fife is traditionally referred to as the Kingdom of Fife. At one time, long before Scotland existed as a distinct country, the land was divided up into several small kingdoms or tribal areas with their own rulers, etc. For some reason, Fife kept its identity long after the others disappeared into the mists of history. It probably has something to do with Fife being a peninsula and therefore a little less accessible.

          Fife's special status was recognised by having the senior nobleman of Fife (the Earl of Fife) as the only person allowed to place the crown on the King of Scots' head during a coronation ceremony. If the Earl of Fife or his representative did not crown the King there was a doubt about the King's legitimacy.


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            Oh, Neil...Thank you for givin me the information about Fife. I've read some books about Scotland, and I don't remember reding that. I'm a history buff, and find that fascinating. Again, Thank You!! I will share that with the other Cunningahms in our American clan.---TXmujer