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American trying desperately to move to Scotland!

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  • American trying desperately to move to Scotland!

    I have read a few of these threads and hoping mine goes a bit better So here's my story in nut shell. I am 31 single looking to move back to UK specifically Scotland for good. I lived in Newcastle for 2 years for University and my degree is from there. I stupidly came back to US for a boy, and regret it 150%

    I work in the travel industry for the last 8 years, I custom designed trips through the UK and Ireland for years loved every minute of it. Hoping to possibly get transferred back abroad but sadly the companies I worked for were privately owned and did not have the money to do so. I recently took up a job with Marriott Corporate with the hopes since they are a huge company that will hopefully be able to get sponsored and move back.

    I love Scotland, always felt I was born in the wrong country haha! The weather takes some getting use to but overall I hate how bad our winters are here so nice change. But the biggest reason for me wanting to move is just the quality of life its less superficial and materialistic to the US. I have always dreamed of raising a family there with cross cultured children just a different way of life. I don't hate the US it just doesn't fit who I am, I am a traveler at heart and feel like its more excepted over there , you guys have it right with 4-6 wks of vacation a year we are lucky to even get 10 days here. People work way too hard here and never know how to break that.

    So my dilemma is trying to find a way somehow to get over. I fear that Marriott thou excellent company you have to be director or very high up to get transferred abroad with them. I know with my experience both leading trips abroad there and also knowing the US market of selling Boston, Nyc, Florida would help aid me in getting a job there possibly selling US vacations? Does anyone at all have an help or advice am really hoping to be over there in the next 2 years if I can find a sponsor. Also I still have my national insurance number from when was a student not sure if that helps me at all ?Or just meet a lovely Scotsman to whisk me away haha ! Thanks for the help everyone

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    Sadly, the UK's immigration policy is to restrict how many are allowed into the country. The fact is, as members of the EU, it means that any sponsoring company would have to prove that they were unable to find a suitable candidate from within the UK AND all the other EU states before allowing you a visa.

    Unless your skills set is on the approved list here, then your chances of getting a visa are slim to non-existent, I'm afraid

    Maybe time to look on UK dating sites? . This is an American-owned site. There are only a few of us on here who are Scots, and some of them, like me, are female and straight