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    I am moving to Edinburgh in a couple of months and would be very grateful if anyone has advice about the best areas for renting a flat....
    It's a bit tricky as I need to use my car for work and would be working at different locations outside the city so was wondering which areas of the city are better re: less traffic congestion and parking, but ideally also somewhere within walking distance of the city centre!
    ....and somewhere fairly lively but where it is possible to get a good night's sleep and a safe area... max budget around 650-675 pcm for 2 bed flat if possible.....
    Thanks for your suggestions!

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    Like most cities, parking in Edinburgh is a nightmare! Many natives choose public transport for city commutes. The congestion is also bad.

    I think you may be a little optimistic to find something at the price you quote. Zoopla link. Flats to rent in Edinburgh - Edinburgh flats to rent - Zoopla