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  • Volunteering in SCcotland

    I'm from the USA. I might be volunteering in Scotland soon. I need to get a visa and everything, but I'm pretty close to making this a definite thing.

    What I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to cut down on costs someway. I found a volunteer opportunity through the organization Volunteers for Peace. They charge a 500 registration fee and give you incountry support and help you obtain the visa. I'm pretty sure you need to go through some kind of sponsorship with either them or someone else but I was wondering if there was any other kinds of opportunities I was missing here.

    So far this seems like the best plan though. Does anyone have any advice?

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    paying 500 to "volunteer" sound like a bit of a con to me mate, im sure theres loads of charities out there who would be glad of your help without you having to pay them.


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      It's not a scam. I thought so at first too, but its actually the most affordable way I can live there. The 500 dollars goes toward food and accommodation, which is refunded to you if you don't get accepted. After airfare, the total cost is around 1500 dollars. I did the math and for me to stay and be reasonably comfortable, I would've needed to save 3000 so I could stay for a MONTH. With this, I'm staying for 6 months for almost half that. Working is kinda how you pay it off, but the work seems interesting and either way its an adventure.

      Also they help get you a VISA. I heard that process is tough to do on your own.


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        'Help you get a visa'? So, they don't guarantee that you will be granted a visa?

        There is a site, UK Yankee | Expat Americans in the UK which you might found helpful.


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          So, they don't guarantee that you will be granted a visa?
          I'm refunded the money if it doesn't work out. I think its a safe assumption that this applies to the visa as well.

          Thanks for the link. I'll check it out now.