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Will hopefully move to Scotland, but need a few answers first

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  • Will hopefully move to Scotland, but need a few answers first

    Hello everyone, My wife and I would greatly like to move to Scotland within the next 5-10 years or so. Currently, we're very ignorant as to the availability of that for us, and would like to hear from a few people who have successfully moved to Scotland, from Canada specifically. Or, anyone who knows the answers really.

    We're both 25 years old, and I am currently the only one capable of work. We wouldn't be moving until we had at least $1M in savings, which we estimate should be between 5-10 years from now. Also, we would have a continuous income through a business here in Canada. Of course, I am more than willing to work in Scotland as well, if that is indeed a requirement.

    I may or may not be able to apply for an Ancestry Visa, as I am adopted from a Scottish family (although I'm not sure if it is a second or third generation family) and am unaware of the fathers genealogy.

    What would you say are our chances of being able to feasibly pull this off?

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    Sadly, adoption FROM a Scots family gives you no chance of a UK ancestry visa.

    Read the rules in the link I gave on your other post on this topic, the minimum cash requirements are shown on that website. Sadly the UK tightens requirements for foreigners to immigrate, year on year.

    Have you ever visited here?


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      I checked the conversion rate of Canadian dollar to Sterling. It is about 56 pence to the pound. Your million dollars becomes a little over 500K. Enough to buy a home in Central Edinburgh.... With 2 of you ( and any other dependants you may have)' I don't think you would have enough capital. You would also need to factor in private healthcare.