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Moving to scotland from usa?

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  • Moving to scotland from usa?

    My Maternal Grandparents were born in Scotland:
    Isabella (McKenzie) Carmichael - 1892 from Inverness
    Robert Carmichael - 1896 from town near Glasgow
    Poppa served in the British Navy in World War I - both of them had several siblings. All of Grandma's remained in Scotland while Poppas brothers Richard and John also moved to America.
    I think a cousin, Donald Mackintosh, also moved to the USA.
    I am going to retire in June of 2015 and looking at several interesting options.
    What is the possibility of moving to Scotland? Cost of living, healthcare, apartment cost, transportation etc. ?

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    This Is the relevant portion of the UK government site re visas of all types, including ancestry visas, but this may not be relevant for your circumstances.

    Immigration rules have become even more stringent and unless you are in a profession which is on our list of skill shortages, then it would be very difficult to move here. Don't forget that any prospective employer would have to prove that there was no suitable candidate anywhere in the UK AND in any EU country, too.

    A retiree would have to bring in a considerable sum in savings. That should be somewhere on that link..

    Have you visited Scotland? Do you have a preference for where you would wish to live? Flat or house? Car or not? Healthcare... We have the NHS but there are rules about what parts are readily accessible to visitors.

    Do have a look at some of the other threads in the Moving forum, as some of them may have info you seek.
    If you have specific questions, I'm sure the few Scots on here will join in to give you a steer in the right direction! This is an American site, as are the majority of members.


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      UK-Yankee Forum - Index might be able to help you with info.