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  • Getting to know Glasgow


    I've just move to Scotland last year so I'm still fairly new to the scene. I lived in Edinburgh but recently got a job offer that will require me to move to relocate to Glasgow.

    Have to say that I still haven't had a chance to visit it and the things I heard about it are fairly mixed. is it worth the moving to?

    Also what would be a good place to live? Coworker mentioned that Merchant City has some nice flats, bars and restaurants, but looking at some of the photos doesn't exactly look dog friendly, I have 3 dogs could some one please recommend a an area with a nice park near by.

    Many many thanks and sorry for the long post

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    ye merchant city is nice but its slap bang in the middle of the city center.

    Glasgow(the "dear green place" in gaelic) has parks all over the place so finding one close to where ever you go wont be hard.

    all depends on your budget where you want to live really....the west end is nice but very expensive. the denistoun area is nice too with loads of parks/cafes/bars etc and a bit cheaper.

    but basically everywhere is within a 5 min walk of a park of some description.

    where will you be working?


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      Aye the West End, if you can afford it, is the place to stay / eat / drink.


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        If you and your dogs are settled in a flat in Edinburgh that allows three dogs, not an easy thing to find anywhere, perhaps it's an option to commute between the two cities? Trains are frequent and the service runs reasonably efficiently.


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          quite expensive to travel between them before 9am tho Pol

          22 a day i think


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            Yes, but finding a landlord willing to allow three dogs?! Pricey, either way!