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  • May i get your advice?

    Dear all,

    I'm new to this forum . We stay in HK,. I studied in Stirling U in 1995 and love Scotland very much. My family stayed last 2 summers (80 days) in Stirling and my wife and 3 kids (12 , 8 & 6) all love Scotland as well.

    May I know what is the best way for my family moving to Stirling? We did approach the private schools and the fee will be around 25,000 pounds annually (for my 3 kids totally). It's fine for our budget. We plan to buy the house in Stirling.

    Appreciated if anyone can recommend me how to apply the immigration visa/citizention in Scotland. Is it easy for my case? Im now working in Intl company w experiences in teaching the Master Degree course (HK University) for 5 years.