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Professional Canadian, over 55. Ancestry visa

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  • Professional Canadian, over 55. Ancestry visa

    Hello all

    I have all of the required paperwork to apply for an ancestry visa.
    I also have an adult daughter living in Scotland.

    We have visited many times and love Scotland.

    We are not kids, as stated in the tag line, I am over 55.

    I have a Masters degree and significant experience in healthcare.

    We are thinking serous of selling everything and moving to Glasgow. We know it will be stressful. Probably face cultural change.

    Any advice?? I have read the moving threads and many who do this are younger, looking for adventure!

    Northern Bird

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    ten out of ten for bravery.

    Do you intend to seek employment when you get settled? If so, check NHS sites for employment opportunities.

    I'm from Edinburgh, so don't have direct knowledge of employment trends/housing in the Glasgow area, but I'm sure one of our Westies will be able to help.

    I've lived abroad quite a bit, but with the knowledge that we would always return 'home' at some point. To seek to change your 'home' later in life is a very, very big step. Good luck in your ambitions.