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Hi, I need some help (questions)

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  • Hi, I need some help (questions)

    We are from Portugal (me and my girlfriend), and we are planning to move to scotland. We are 23 years old.

    I've been 2 times in scotland, and she once (with me), both were a two-week vacation.
    I was most of the time in glasgow (Glasgow city, steps and Lennoxtown).
    I went two days in Stirling and one day in Edinburgh.
    I loved the country and finally it was time to try my luck and go live to scotland.

    But I have some doubts, and so I come here to ask for some advice.

    Firstly, in relation to the trilogy, Bank Account -> Rent an apartment -> find a job.

    I've seen flats and prices, and I think most are between 300 and 450 plus Council Tax

    I wonder how can I rent a house, it is possible to rent a house before we left Portugal?

    What sites can i use to look for jobs?
    I attended two years at university, but I did not finish.
    My girlfriend has a degree in geography.

    It is possible to look for work there from Portugal?
    is there any company or websites where we can look?

    It would be much easier if at least one of us can get a job before we left Portugal.

    What curriculum is used in Scotland? Europass: Curriculum Vitae it's ok?
    Or another format?

    My best regards, and thanks for all the help.

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    getting a flat shouldnt be a problem
    any of these will sort you out

    youl be able to apply for jobs no problem but what if you get selected for an interview while your still in Portugal?

    most employers ask for a standard CV.

    your best bet would be to save a couple of months rent then try and get a job when you get here. remember if its only bar work etc that your looking for you might struggle to pay a 400 rent each month.


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      Thanks for the reply.

      About renting a flat.
      What documents needed to rent a flat?
      And the common procedure?

      And what about the bank account, I know that some banks require an address in Scotland, and a period of time living at that address, To be able to open an account.



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        all youl need i think is ID to prove your legally from the EU.
        as far as i know youl just need to pay a deposit and maybe a months rent in advance

        yes youl need to be here a while to open a bank account but you shouldnt have any bother using your Portuguese one to pay your rent etc.