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From Italy to Scotland.

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  • From Italy to Scotland.

    I'm writing to get advice and see if there are chances to relocated me and my family from Italy to Scotland. We have been told that Aberdeen it's a good starting point, but we can go wherever we find a job in Scotland.

    My husband is working in the fiberglass boat industry (resin infusion technics) and before that in the security. I never have the chance to work before because I got pregnant when I was at University and I had to quit in order to taking care of my daugher. Bu I think I have no problems in working as room attendant, cleaner, housemaid ect. In Italy we're living in a flat worthing about 800 per month (650 ₤ more or less) ad we could rent it to pay for the new house.

    We have two children. A 6 years old girl who's started primary school this month and a 4 months old baby. My English is good enough to understand spoken English (I watch smoothly the BBC) but I'm not so good at speaking and writing because I not used to, but I'm sure that in a short time I could get back to the previuous level. My husband has a more scolastic knowledge but he's studying at home improving it as we are trying to figure out our way around.

    So I'm writing to know if there are good chances or not in Scotland for an Italian family like ours, if its' quite easy ti find a job. Thanks.