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  • Moving to Glasgow.


    I may get a bit of stick here and thats fine I can take it. Me and my husband are from London and are both out of work at the moment (him made redundant me left to care for my mum while she was dying). We are sadly a benefits household right now. Due to our changed circumstances we are about to be evicted from our private rented home and because of the ridiculous prices of other properties we are facing imminent homelessness.

    We were thinking of a move to Scotland. We love it there anyway. The people are friendlier, the air cleaner, the spirit of the place suits us better. In practical terms the deposit we have so far saved up would let us move and put a deposit on the much cheaper homes in Glasgow. We would have a proper chance even on a low income job of being able to live start the family we have been wanting to for a few years now and start trying to get on the property ladder. All things that are at least 5 years away for us in London.

    We would be willing to take any job, because we would not have so much expenditure we could live on a minimum wage job each if need be, something we have to avoid in London as its just not enough when renting privately. But are we being foolish? We can't see any issues with this plan yet. So I am kindly asking for your input.

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    theres nothing stopping you really...the rents here are well cheaper and once youve rented privately for a while you could put your name down for a house with many of our housing associations.

    jobs wise its the same as everywhere else really so trying to get something before you arrive might be a good idea.

    and if your going to have kids then our education system and outsideness(?) is second to none.