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Moving to Scotland with dog and fiance

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  • Moving to Scotland with dog and fiance


    I am considering relocating to Scotland to go to Veterinary School. However, I am trying to figure out if my fiance will be able to come with me. From what I have read, spouses can come along only if studying for a "NQF level 7" course. Is veterinary school considered as such? I am having a hard time determining what qualifies as NQF level 7 and what doesn't.

    I am also planning on bringing along my dog. Is Scotland (specifically Edinburgh) a reasonably dog friendly place to live?
    Thank you in advance

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    We're friendly in Edinburgh, but if you are renting, then it might be more problematic to find somewhere that allows pets.

    As for the visa required by your partner, you shouldconsult the UKBA site. if you are from the USA then the site UK-yankee dotcom has a lot of info which might be helpful.


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      your dog might have to be quarantined when it gets here too......very expensive i believe too.

      depends where your coming from tho

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