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Need advice on how to move

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  • Need advice on how to move

    I have read several forums on people moving to Scotland and I cannot find the answers I'm looking for so I decided to try this. Please hear me out.

    I currently live in the US and my girlfriend (partner) is going to school in Scotland and currently living there. I am trying to figure out how (if possible) I can move there and work. I know I need a passport and visa but from my understanding I have to be Tier 2 support or something to that matter if I were attempting to do this alone. However, with her living there, is there a way for me to move there until she is completed with school?

    Any suggestion and comments would be appreciated. If you need more information about my profession or general information about me just let me know.


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    You need a visa. The visas available to you will be shown on the UKBA site. If you have skills we require, then you would be able to work. Without those skills, the only other ways would be to study here. Fees for foreigners are high AND you would need to show you have sufficient funds to pay your way with no recourse to any public funds. Another way is to apply for a six month visitors visa. Again you would need sufficient funds.

    i know there is a site called uk-yankeedotcom which is helpful for just such questions as you are asking


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      Thank you for that information. We have found this:

      I'm still not very clear on it but from my understanding I should fill out a VAF10 to live with my partner? Also if that is correct would I be able to work?

      She will be in Scotland for 2 years while studying.

      Please forgive me if I'm asking too much.


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        I'm Scots and my knowledge of visa requirements is negligible. There is a site called which has lots of info specific to Americans and visa queries. Perhaps they would be of more use than us.

        BTW although this site is called, it is American owned and very, very few of the members are Scots!


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          hahaha, Nice. Thank for the info everyone. I'll try the other site.