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Moving to Scotland

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  • Moving to Scotland

    Hi I'm an American and I'm wanting information on what it would require for me to be able to move to and live in Scotland after college as far as visas and immigration laws go. I will be working long distance with my fathers company as a website designer.

    It's been a lifelong dream of mine to have a home in the Scottish highlands. I'm saving up. Im not looking to have a thousand acres of land. I think around ten acres would be great. If anyone has any advice or want to discuss this with me then I'd be happy to. I'm wanting to make some Pen pals in the UK anyway.

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    Also looking for information on land pricing, etc.


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      Hi and welcome

      I would suggest that you read through the moving forum and see if anything there
      is applicable to your needs and then if further questions are needed ask away.

      Polworth has given loads of good advice to people over the years

      Also as to the property I would advise you to look into the websites of estate
      agents in the Highlands and that will give you an idea of how much cash you will
      have to save !


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        i dont know the ins n outs but i do that youl only be allowed to move here permanently is youve a close connection with the country...grandparents/parents from here or something.

        but as said its all been answered before on this forum so a quick search should answer all your questions


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          Moving to Scotland

          This is something my partner and I are considering as we don't find life in Australia all that great but it won't be for a few years as we have to raise the funds (I have 2 jobs in aged/disability care and he does bookkeeping on a casual basis) and read about the immigration process and how it works before we start it...

          First we plan to visit Scotland in mid 2014 to see if we like..