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    hi we are looking at moving to scotland and the house we have seen has oil central heating, just wondered if anyone knew about costs of oil central heating? any help would be great

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    We used to have it years ago. I don't know how it compares costwise (my parents picked up the bill), but unlike electricity and gas (but like Calor Gas), the biggest problem is getting it delivered all the time. Real hassle. You have have to stay in all day waiting for them.

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      I can only speak from second hand experience but from what I'm told by people who have it oil central heating is expensive to run. A cheaper option might be to run a wood burning stove with a back boiler if there is going to be plenty of cheap/free wood available where you are moving to. Even without the back boiler it can be possible to keep a house warm with a wood burning stove by leaving inside doors open for warmth to circulate. You can use some of the more economical electric heaters to compliment this if/when need be but a lot of people find this is not required. Costs for setting up a wood burning stove are quickly recouped assuming a cheap supply of suitable wood is readily available.


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        It also depends where you will live, as it's not just the running costs, it's the installation/infra costs to be factored in too. However, in the countryside, oil, wood/coal/anthracite burning and gas (LNG and LPG storage vessels) are probably more practical and self-contained.

        However in urban/suburban settings, some of the above may be not allowed or are curtailed due to anti-pollution/emissions regulations etc. In such areas, gas/electric fired oil or water-filled systems are I believe the norm, as well as all electric storage heating systems.

        Here in Oman, heating isn't an issue - it's keeping cool ! trying to get the A/C man to come and service/re-gas the units during Ramadan is nigh on hopeless.