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Returning Senior Cits.

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  • Returning Senior Cits.

    Hi' from the Homesick Seniors Citizens.
    Having survived the years of living in Australia.
    My Husband is 81yrs & a returned Ex-serviceman. Experienced his overseas service with the Argyll's where he was wounded while on duty.
    We have both been born & bred in Fifeshire. Now wish to spend our last few remaining years in our homeland. Wondering what we can arrange for Accomodation on our return. Once we can offload our household possesions here. I am partly disabled which curtails my use of STAIRS.! Any recommendations or suggestions regarding Accommodation would be most welcome. Taking into account we have to survive on the Aged Pension.!!!
    Looking forward to helpful suggestions. wilsonmary20

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    Hello Mary
    I wonder if you have any relatives still around the area of Fife where you wish to return? If so, they may be able to help you with contacts within Social Services, Housing Associations, Housing Office etc.

    You don't make it clear whether you would have funds to purchase a house or whether you would need local authority housing. If the latter, there may be quite stringent requirements - eg length of time you have lived locally etc.

    I hope you realise your dreams of returning home.


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      If you were Irish, the Irish state would buy a house for you and maybe even pay your fare to return. But this is Scotland. So forget it.
      Or learn Albanian and say you are a gypsy.


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        Hi Mary

        I hope that you get your wish to find somewhere lovely to live when you get back over here.

        I see you are from Fife and was wondering if you would consider living in any other area apart from that.

        All local councils have their own websites and should be able to help you in seeing what is on offer.


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          Senior Citz'

          Bell the Cat, & others'-?
          Many thanks for your welcome replies.
          As far as the Relative situation, we aren't fortunate enough to have anyone, who can help us out. My Brother is in Sheltered housing. Neices & Nephews, reside elsewhere in the U.K.
          Which all adds to the pressures of our return. Unfortunately we haven't been able to save much either & Not having a house to sell.
          We live in a 'Private Rental Property' just now. If anything was to happen to either of us, we wouldn't be able to go on living here & pay the rent, from the one pension. Sick of moving to anywhere else in OZZ. The weather has just started to heat up in preparation for the summer months. Yesterday was hot & dry winds of 30-degrees-celsius. This is the Spring.!!!
          We are finding that nobody wants to purchase 2nd hand goods, which were crafted in Scotland with the very best of Timber. (McIntosh's of Kirkcaldy)
          This is our biggest concern, maybe having to give everything away FREE. As we have already had to do with all of our Garden Pots & Lovely Patio Plants.
          Thanks for taking an Interest in this problem of ours. wilsonmary20


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            It's probably a long shot - but have you tried to make contact with the A&SH Association? They may not be able to help financially, but may have ideas re sheltered housing etc.

            Frankly, with no relatives still living locally, few ties to the area which would make liaising with various bodies a bit of a chore, you may find that you have a long, uphill struggle to return to Scotland. But, I wish you well in your endeavours.

            Here's a link for PL's A&SH Association -


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              Originally posted by bell-the-cat
              If you were Irish, the Irish state would buy a house for you and maybe even pay your fare to return. But this is Scotland. So forget it.
              I think I should elaborate on this.

              While browsing the airwaves a couple of years ago I came across an Irish radio program that was talking about a newly introduced scheme that helped Irish people who had left their homeland in the 1930s, 40s and 50s and who now, in their old age, wanted to return to live in the land of their birth but did not have the financial means to do so (especially now that Irish property prices have gone through the roof). Obviously the scheme had a cap on the number of people it could help each year, and those it helped had to prove they could not afford to return without that help, and had a good reason for wishing to return. Anyone here know more details?


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                Originally posted by wilsonmary20
                Thanks for taking an Interest in this problem of ours. wilsonmary20
                The detail you haven't given us is whether you both are still British Citizens.
                Makes a big difference to things, I would think. If you still are then, once you arrive here, there will be no more of a problem accessing the same help that anyone resident in Scotland has. A suggestion, why not contact (by email) the MP, or MSP, of the area in Scotland you once lived in.


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                  Senior Citz

                  Many Thanks to Babs & the Other very 'Helpful' contributors.
                  Yes we are both British Citizens & have our British Passports.
                  Regarding the Argyll's, I am off to write them a letter, this very minute. Many Thanks again for your Thoughts on our Present predicament.
                  Tom is a recovering Throat Cancer Patient, which always of great concern.
                  We hope to find some place, even tho' it is just Temporary, which we can afford. Giving us time to sort out our various requirements with Gov't Pension's & all of these other Bodies. Like registering for a Doctor etc.!!
                  Fife is where we intend to aim for.!! Just don't know where to start looking at this moment. Many Thanks to All on your Friendly Forum. wilsonmary20


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                    Hi WilsonMary

                    My name is Fred I also am Scottish and proud of it. I live on the Northern Beaches in Sydney if you are within reach I might be able to assist you in buying your lovely Scottish furniture to help you perhaps just a little. If you are interested you can make contact through this forum. Hope I can help you a little ways.


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                      Hello McOz

                      Hi McOz.
                      how really nice of you to make such a kind offer. Unfortunately, we live in Adelaide.
                      Wishing that we were closer. But often that is the way of things.
                      We are just battling on without too many Illusions left in our present predicament here.
                      As we live in Private Rental Premises, our present lease is due to expire in March of next year. 2007. Which gives us a bit of time, but the other complication, is the Christmas Period of holidays & nothing really picks up again until February/March. Leaving us, short of time when it comes down to selling stuff. Therefore, it would be wiser to offload everything just now.
                      In between a (rock & a hard place)!!!
                      Oh well, we just have to get on with whatever comes up. As Tom has been having some Throat Problems again. I want to get home to Scotland, while we are still able to Travel. All to do with that wicked stuff called Money.
                      Many Thanks McOz. Take Care. "Your Blood is worth Bottling".!!! wilsonmary


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                        So Sorry McOz--"Fred"

                        Hello Again & my Sincere Apologies 'Fred'
                        Thanks from wilsonmary


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                          Hi WilsonMary20, Such a shame, unfortunately I don't know anyone in Adelaide to assist. I can only wish you all the best(sincerly) I'm sure that through the Argyll's association some one will be able to assist you.
                          Take Care,


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                            You Too Fred

                            I am really pleased to see that another Scot, would take the trouble to reply to me. It is nice to have friendly people around when the going get tough.!!!
                            I have my hopes too on these contacts that I have written to--snail mail-!!!
                            I shall keep on looking in to see what the other forum members are saying from day to day. You have yourself a great life Fred. wilsonmary20


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                              Electrical Items

                              Hello again, to the Forum Members,
                              As we are busy preparing for our return back to our Homeland of Fife.
                              We are wondering about the possible use of our Video Recorder--'Sony'
                              Understandably we realise that our plugs will require changing & that our T.V.'s arent' acceptible there either. But we were hoping that maybe our Sony Video Recorder would work. After an inspection of its Book to-day, it tells us that it is set up for 'Australian or New Zealand' networks. Having been purchased here.
                              The other query of mine, is to do with the (cheapest I.S.P. providers) in Fife Scotland.
                              Any helpful' answers, to these questions would be very much appreciated.
                              Tom did attempt to contact Sony to-day, but you get the usual run-a round. Never achieving any concrete answer either. Tried the web-site too, but I am probably quite a dumb bell with this effort.
                              Cannot afford to purchase new ones over there unfortunately. Otherwise there wouldn't be this problem.!!! wilsonmary20