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Cops on the streets with guns?

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  • Cops on the streets with guns?

    What is that all about, and who authorized it? It seems so idiotic. I saw a clip of 3 cops with guns about to intervene in a small disturbance in Inverness. All it takes is one drunken idiot to spot the guns, and try to get one.

    We do not need guns on the streets of Scotland, that is simply asking for trouble, for unnecessary death and suffering.

    Tasers are bad enough, but guns, why?
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    I don't think I can imagine anybody drunk and idiotic enough to try to grab a gun from an armed policeman.

    But, that aside, I really don't think I like this normalisation of armed police on our streets.

    I also wonder why we never heard any more of the story of the policeman who died " in an incident where a firearm was discharged" in Glasgow Baird Street police station in November 2012. I wonder how safely the guns are stored and how stringent are the psychological examinations for any police officer allowed near them.


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      He committed suicide Celyn