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Brandon Muir`s killer gets an early release

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  • Brandon Muir`s killer gets an early release

    Once again, the Scots legal system lets down another victim of violent crime. Robert Cunningham, convicted of beating to death three-year old Dundee boy Brandon Muir, will walk free this October having served barely half of his original 10 year sentence. Cunningham was convicted in 2009 and is eligible for release under the Scot`s Government`s automatic early release scheme, where upon a prisoner can be released after serving 2/3rd`s of their sentence (which includes time spent on remand) regrardless of the severity of the crime that they have committed. Criminals convicted of murder, rape, child sex abuse etc have all benefited from this piece of liberal do-goodery. Needless to say, this policy has greatly undermined public confidence in the criminal justice system to such an extent that the Scots Government has announced that the policy is to be scrapped next year. However, this piece of good news is not quite what it seems. The new Criminal justice bill, which includes an amendment abolishing automatic early release, is already tied up in various reviews and consultations and exactly who are conducting these reviews and consultations? the very same unrepresentative and self-serving elite who came up with the policy in the first place!!! We can expect no great change to this shameful and immoral piece of legislation, the criminal justice system will continue to treat the victims of violent crime with contempt and scum like Robert Cunningham will walk away laughing.