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Scots fail to return census forms

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  • Scots fail to return census forms

    Scots fail to return census forms

    Helen McArdle

    18 Apr 2011

    HALF a million householders in Scotland could be facing fines of £1000 because they have failed to return their census forms.

    Three weeks on from census day on March 27, more than two million questionnaires have been completed on paper or online but 20% of households north of the Border have still to fill in their personal details and return the surveys to organisers.

    As 6000 staff were deployed to visit householders and help them complete the questionnaires, the man in charge of Scotland’s 2011 census has also been pounding the streets of Glasgow as the pressure mounts to collect outstanding forms.

    Registrar General Duncan Macniven joined his census takers as they knocked on doors in Dennistoun, Glasgow, targeting households that had so far failed to respond.

    Mr Macniven said: “Many people appreciate a reminder to return their questionnaire. I wanted to see for myself how this follow-up stage was being received and judging by Dennistoun’s response it is going well.

    “Everybody I spoke with was aware of the census and prepared to fill in their questionnaire. Generally people needed very little help.

    “The kind of experiences our census-takers are having across Glasgow include people who don’t speak English as a first language who need help from an English-speaker.

    “Or they want to check details – for example, if they were told during the delivery phase how many people live in a household and that doesn’t tally with the details that have come back.”

    There is no official cut-off date for returning the forms, although Wednesday marks the deadline to complete the census online in either English or Gaelic.

    After that, people must use the paper form. Non-compliance officers will then be dispatched to ensure people do not risk a £1000 fine by failing to fill them in, but already warning letters are going out to around 200 people who have refused to take part.

    Census-takers spent Friday visiting addresses that have yet to respond to the survey in order to offer help and advice.

    Mr Macniven joined local census-taker Craig Cowen to visit Ballindalloch Drive in Dennistoun.

    Mr Macniven added: “What matters now is that people get on and return their questionnaires, because the next stage is that people who refuse to take part may be visited by a member of the census non-compliance team.

    “Completing, and returning, the census questionnaire is required by law and anyone failing to do so may be reported to the procurator-fiscal and could face a fine of up to £1000.

    “The census is hugely important for areas such as Dennistoun, because it gives an indication of what the people living here need and that is used to inform future planning and delivery of services.”

    In England and Wales, a total of 13 million forms – equivalent to more than half of households – were returned within three days of census day on March 27.

    In Scotland, 1.8 million forms had been returned a week after census day – meaning that 30% of households had failed to do so.

    However, organisers of the census in Scotland said this year’s rate of return was “in line with where we were at the same stage in 2001”.

    One would like to think there was some sort of political objection underlying the ferment of failure to complete census forms.

    But I suspect most of them are just drunk watching the telly.

    Unless we can construct the notion that apathy could somehow be a form of passive aggressive protest, yeh, that's it!

    No, they're just drunk in front of the telly.

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    'Passive Protest'?
    Naaah, yer richt, thur drunk in fronta the telly


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      Hmmm, that's interesting. It sort of sounds like a protest against being part of the UK instead of their own country--a sort of passive nationalism. could be right about the drunk part after all


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        You obviously do not understand the Scots mindset.


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          it could be a protest against the arms manufacturer and managers of Abu Ghraib prison conducting the census right enough


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            Aye, that's mair the ticket, Tig. Especially the NEDs!


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              doubt if your average ned would know about such things tho


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                That was a wee bit irony there, Tig... And they probably read all about those stories, hunched over the Guardian and the Scotsman, eh no?


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                  Census Rebellion

                  Interestingly in 2001, over 1.5m households failed to return their Census and only 38 were prosecuted. Why is this?

                  Simply because it’s way too difficult to police the Census Act, as they’re strapped for cash and don’t have the resources to cope with a mass rebellion. They’ve tried to offset this, as they know that there is going to be at least pockets of rebellion, and there is profit to be made from the £1000 fines – hence why they’ve employed lots of Enforcement Officers who will have absolutely NO AUTHORITY whatsoever to make you do anything – REMEMBER anything you do with them will be contractual and your choice –

                  Don’t dig your own grave by even talking to them! The legislation and pseudo-law they state is as powerful as them trying to make you pay your TV Licence.
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                    I shall be dealing with the Census in exactly the same way I deal with TV Licensing – I shall be ignoring it completely (No contact Rule).

                    If TV Licensing send me mail addressed to the Occupier as my census form was addressed, I just ignore it .

                    If their goons knock on my door, I simply don't answer it and they go away – after all, I've never found opening the door to random strangers to be to my benefit, whether they be God-botherers or salesmen; friends know how to announce themselves (THEY PHONE ME ON THEIR MOBILES ). In the end, unwanted visitors such as TV Licensing give up and go away, and the Census goons are no different. Are they really going to hammer on an unanswered door simply for some paperwork? I don't think so.

                    Of course, it's important to know your enemy. Have a look at the Census Jobs page, and learn what hours they work. Census Collectors (door knockers who ask people who haven't returned the census to do so in person) are employed from 21/03/2011 to 06/05/2011, 2pm-9pm (Monday to Friday) and 10am-9pm (Saturday and Sunday). Non Compliance Officers (second level door knockers to deal with those who have explicitly refused the Census Collectors) are employed from 26/04/2011 to 19/08/2011, 9am-8pm (Monday to Friday) and 10am-4pm (Saturday).

                    Reading between the lines, that says to me that so long as a would-be dodger doesn't draw attention to himself (ie, isn't stupid enough to answer the door and refuse outright), he need only worry about unwanted visitors until 6th May. The ultra-paranoid need wait until 19th August before they can consider themselves all clear. After those dates, there simply won't be anyone doing those jobs.

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                      Am no fillin' in nae senseless form fur thay bastarts.

                      Hey, goin git me anitherr brew fae the freezr' hen.
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                        Originally posted by tig View Post
                        it could be a protest against the arms manufacturer and managers of Abu Ghraib prison conducting the census right enough
                        ........Though they weren't involved in the Scottish census.


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                          Lockheed Marietta wasn't, but CACI was involved in the Scottish census.

                          SACC | Scottish Census 2011

                          The Refuseniks – Sunday Herald Analysis » EthicalCensus News

                          CACI - CACI awarded £18.5m contract to process Scottish Census

                          Edited to clarify: I meant Lockheed Martin. Had a bit of a time warp thinking of the Martin Marietta company. Oh well, what's 16 years between friends? I suppose I'm a bit slow at keeping up with things.
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                            its was CACI that did the scottish one....

                            probably the only worse company than lockheed

                            Edit(Celyn has answered it lol)


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                              Not often I'm that fast. (Pats self on head).