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We are not leaving !! whether we like it or not !

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  • We are not leaving !! whether we like it or not !

    I've recently just realised watching the yakking classes on TV (sorry! for being a bit slow on the uptake. ) that something very dramatic is happening with our political system in The Palace of Westminster because of Brexit. They are Not going to except the results of the referendum, I know that every MP in this country at the start of this process when they talked about Brexit , They started with the words "We accept the result of the Referendum ".

    Please don't forget what happened in Ireland when the political elite didn't get the answer they were looking for,but here in the UK it's going down a bit differently. They are using time,deception and deceit and at the end ! after alot of arrogance and huffing & puffing on their part , We, 'the people' are finally seeing that our political representatives have never really represented the people of this nation. they have always represented their personal interests and those that they look up to .

    The masks they put on and wear every day in front of the public are finally being removed from their faces by their own actions right in front of us for all of us to see,Our Parliamentary system is like the building they use it's 'decaying' and it's going to cost us like the building and the recent financial collapse ... a great deal to f