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The E.U:- The lies we are told!!!

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  • The E.U:- The lies we are told!!!

    The E.U:- The lies we are told!!!

    The British public knows very little about the EU, other than the relentless misrepresentation and fabrication peddled by a highly Europhobic Press, which is now foreign-owned.

    There are 3 main reasons for this, first, the press who represent people who are terrified of the EUs competition and anti-monopoly policies, second, the uk press has tremendous and unaccountable political power, whereas in the rest of the EU it has none. Third, the English right wing elite want nothing to do with the European attitude of giving the people of the UK the same protected, working and social rights the rest of the European people enjoy and up to now they have very successfully exempted the British people from these very basic European rights.

    Welcome to Britain,

    Where you work longer: - its official folks! The United Nations now recognises the people of Britain work longer hours than any other developed nation that means we now work longer than the Germans and the stressed out working Japanese. Funny how were still not as productive as they are.

    We get paid less: - The average income in the whole of the UK is 30 thousand a year. Now youll all know what you earn and where geographically you live to earn it, but for me, if I earned that, Id be walking around thinking I was a rich B#s#a#d!!

    We have less working and consumer rights:-were exempt from most of the social chapter, which not only covered working but consumers rights as well .Remember that the next time you get ripped off by a company youve purchased a product or service from. (Hey, this Is Britain its okay to legally mug people) Ive come to the conclusion if were not being ripped off well think theres something wrong.

    We pay more for our products and services and to top it all off get less for it:-
    I could go on and on about this forever with a lot of facts about how our UK market contradicts even the most basic economic principals and proves that the UK is just one huge cartel and monopoly, but if you dont know this by now you must have recently just been dug up by an archaeologist.

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    the eu just sucks

    what the hell are u talking about?
    i am not the band the daily flash and have no connection to them.i just like the music


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      Is plain English something of a mystery to you Flasher? the guy is spot on, the British press is very much a monopoly run by unscrupulous crooks who have a big say in who governs Britain by throwing their weight around (last election). Check out Conrad Black, press mogul & crook, for an example, Robert Maxwell for another, the pro-nazi press before the last war, for yet another. What we need is a free press, what we have are trashy tabloids and pro-establishment broadsheets. Local newspapers are largely conglomerate owned and TV companies (except the BBC) ditto.
      The Devil is in the detail, listen up! and learn. wullie m


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        I've recently just realised that something very dramatic is going to happen with our political system in Westminster because of Brexit. They are not going to except the results of the referendum, I know that every MP in this country when they start to talk about Brexit , They start with the words "We accept the result of the Referendum " please don't forget what happened in Ireland when the political elite didn't get the answer they were looking for,but here in the UK it's going to go down a bit differently. They are going to use time,deception and deceit and at the end ! alot of arrogance on their part and we, 'the people' will finally see that our so called political representatives work for their own interests and those that they look up to .

        The masks they put on and wear every day in front of the public will be ripped from their faces by there own actions and we will see them for what they really are,We the public will then reject the political system as it is, because we will realise that the levers of power work solely for the few at the top of society and the rest of us we're just here to pay the bills for their greed and criminality which for 'them' and only 'them' is perfectly legal behaviour .


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          Originally posted by NaRvIcK DeViL View Post
          The masks they put on and wear every day in front of the public will be ripped from their faces by there own actions and we will see them for what they really are...
          They will remove their mask and show that they are lizards, do you mean?

          Oh, the E.U. is very far from perfect, and the U.K. might be even further from that lovely ambition. Never mind, NaRvIcK DeViL, the U.K. (bits of it, anyway), voted to leave the E.U.

          And the Prime Minister says we all have to leave it, so that's that, and I should think you would be very happy about that. See? Happy Happy Smile? Celebrate and party?

          Of course Scotland voted to remain in the E.U., and that is going to be a bit interesting.

          As a matter of interest, does the E.U. have the equivalent of giving some men (and they have to be men) 300 a day and the right to vote on laws just because they belong to one particular group of one particular religion, and does it have the equivalent of giving anybody, no matter how unqualified, a title and thereby 300 a day and the right to vote on laws?

          See, the E.U., though it has many flaws, doesn't even compete with the U.K. when it comes to lack of democracy.

          Oh well, we can only hope that we can all work to improve things.