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  • Isis

    So, where is this going ?

    Are they now the outlet for any international sociopath and misfit with a grudge against the society in which that recruit was previously living, or are they driven by a religious or political credo, are they the face of some local power struggle or are they the start of a terror group of religious enforcers about to visit our home towns ?

    Or are they something else ?

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    They are a bunch of barbaric scum. They are not in any way representative of Islam and the sooner they are eradicated from the face of the earth, the better.


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      Mikey I agree with you.

      Groups like them use religion as a facade to exercise their own political beliefs. Religion and politics have no place being used together. One groups, nations, or government have no right to use religion as the basis to commit such haneous atrocities.
      All religion stems from the same basic foundation. The belief in a higher power. It is man who twists religion to suit its own purposes. Most religions teach us to value life. How can Isis claim religious reasoning behind what they have done and will do, while not following the basic principle to value life. They are contradicting themselves. Which leads one to believe it is simply the sick perversions of a man that has no morals trying to cause chaos wherever he can. By doing so, said person has managed to brain wash others to his way of thinking. Leading us to the logical conclusion that once again hisory repeats itself and there is yet another group of seriously sick f_ _ _ed up individuals raising hell for no reason than their own gain.


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        I'm convinced more than a few of the "Western" foreign content are socially-maladjusted misfits who get along with their peers and surroundings in general or aren't prepared to and for some, if they weren't doing this, they would be at home planning to massacre their school.

        I'm also thinking that some (perhaps many) see it as a great first person shooter where they can get away with their sickest gaming fantasies and not be touched for it. Also, others are wannabe macho-men. many are just heid-bangers. Torch them all.