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    It was sad to read about the Canadian reservist soldier gunned down while on ceremonial guard duty at Parliament Hill, Ottowa.

    It echoes the Lee Rigby murder in London.

    It strikes me that the "convert" who murdered the Canadian soldier was most likely part of a growing trend of what I am convinced are social outcasts, young people who feel alienated and in their growing sociopathic minds, want revenge. Hiding behind a spurious and murderous "religious cause" is a perfect excuse to hit out and claim it's not murder but a religious act. To me, these weirdos are no more religiously motivated than the Columbine killers and it is all about their own selfish hang-ups. They're murderous misfits, nothing more.

    I did also notice the reservist was from the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders of Canada and despicable as the murder was, it was good to see Canada at least is keeping alive the traditions of their Scottish origins and an Argyll looks like an Argyll.

    Why couldn't the Brits have done something similar ? Okay, concoct a "super regiment" of regulars, the Royal Regiment of Scotland and dress them all the same while paying lip-service only to their regimental names, but the reservists could have kept their original dress uniforms, so that Argylls volunteers look like Argylls, the RS, RHF, KOSB, BW, Highlanders look the part. I know I'm being a traditionalist, but it wouldn't have taken a huge effort or cost to keep the spirit of the regiments alive.