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  • Kurds

    Well, it looks like ISIS is getting some well-deserved payback near the Turkish border, courtesy those Kurd lassies ! Apart from being on the receiving end, it appears that being killed by a mere woman is a disgrace to those jihadis and prevents their entry into heaven (their peculiar twisted one).

    I see some Dutch bikers and now German bikers too, are volunteering to go over and fight against the jihadis. How about a few chapters from the USA and Britain ? Send over some skinheads too, it'll be like the 'good old days' in England in the 1970's for them, but with guns instead of Doc Martens !

    And some of the housing schemes in Glasgow could lend their gangs for a wee while !

    Let's hope the Kurds don't get hung out to dry by the West. At the back of my mind though, is if the Kurds do triumph, maybe they will constitute a new armed power group in the future. That could simplify or complicate the ME region, but who knows ?

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    funny ol world when we rely on what up to a few months ago we classed as a terrorist group (PKK) to fight other terrorists for us


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      The main problem is the Turks - they might want to be seen to be assisting their fellow members of NATO and they don't want an ISIS controlled Caliphate on their doorstep but neither do they want an autonomous Kurdish state on their borders stirring up unrest amongst their own Kurdish population. The whole situation is shambolic - Sunni and Shia fighting Sunni, Hizbollah fighting ISIS (both are classed as terrorist organisations), NATO supporting the Kurds who in the eyes of many Turks are the real enemy. It all stems from the fragmentation of Iraq and the power vacuum created by the dismantling of its Baathist regime after the invasion so although Tony Blair insists otherwise we can't absolve ourselves of blame - Blair and Bush's determination to invade Iraq led to this current catastrophe.
      "Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men."

      - Martin Luther King Jr.


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        The americans supported the Viet Minh in their war against the Japanese during WW2 ,
        and they (americans) supported the Afghani Taliban against the Russians in the 1970s-80s war ,
        and america supported Iraq in its war with Iran in the 1980s .

        I see no reason to believe that America will not turn on the Kurds to suit themselves ,
        as is it's habit .