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First a maul then a brawl!

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  • First a maul then a brawl!

    BBC News - British soldiers charged with attacking off-duty NY officer

    6 Scottish Soldiers arrested after a brawl with an off duty NYPD officer!
    Yer Maw!!!!!

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    oh doubt some time in the pokey for them...then some harsh treatment off their commanding officer when they get back.

    none of them are scottish tho


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      sorry mate, just saw "Royal Regiment of Scotland" and assumed
      Yer Maw!!!!!


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        Fiji-weegies !

        It reminds me of when my boss and me (he was originally from a fun part of Glasgow's East-End I can't remember where but he got ahead and got out) when we started to work in Hong Kong January 1993. Not long after, the 1st Black Watch arrived at Stanley Barracks to be the last British garrison before handover. While on a bulk-silk-tie buying mission at Stanley Market one Sunday pm, we went for a pint and fell in with a crew of Black Watch lads, ranging from the good, the bad to the ugly. Asking how they liked HK, I got different answers from seems ok, too soon to tell, preferred Germany, preferred Belize, preferred The Falklands (?) to one young sozzled toothless lad whose answer to all of these places in turn was "F**k*n' hated it ! " When I ran out of places I had to ask "Where did you like ??" to which he replied "F**k*n' Northern Ireland - the food wiz guid !""

        After one Corp returned from a swim in Stanley Bay, still dressed in smart but drenched regimental blazer, tie and slacks, and we came back to the wee group from the offie with "Bottle No 5 !" of Scotland's best, as it was now night, the lads asked us if we wanted to go to Wanchai with them,they'd heard some Yanks were in town and the Watch boys fancied a rumble. We politely chickened out (no stamina - but these guys drunk, going to a brawl then they were going on a route march in humid Hong Kong at 5.30 next morning !). So they all piled in a taxi, joined by more in other taxis.

        As luck would have it, USS Kittyhawk was in town and soon Wanchai's main street was like the Gorbals on a Saturday night, as Yanks and Jocks went at it.

        Happy days !