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Medical Postion around Argiyle area.

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  • Medical Postion around Argiyle area.

    Hey Folks;
    I would appreciate you honest thoughts and insight.
    I am a Physician Assistant (they are called Physician Associate in the UK) I am giving serious thought to relocate and work for the NHS for a period of time.
    I would like to be in the highland regions.
    How is the access to general health care? and I know I would be consider a NON Scottish medical provider (I do have Scottish Heritage and Irish Heritage along with Cherokee Indian) would there be reluctance to see a person like me?

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    There would be no reluctance to see a medical provider who is not Scottish. We have many fine medical staff from all over the world.

    You will, of course, need to sort out a work permit.

    PS Argyle and the Highlands are two very different areas!


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      Here's info on the training of Physician Associates in the UK, but it doesn't specifically show vacancies. The first thing would be to check the Home Office/UKBA site to check that it is an area where we are actively seeking foreigners to work here. The roles on that list are frequently changing.

      Physician associate - NHS Careers