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    Good morning to all,
    for this summer I would come in Scotland to work for 3 months; I am Italian and I'm studying Physics at the university; I also speak perfectly Spanish and just a bit of French.

    I've heard that it is "easy" to find a job in Scotland, is it true? I'll settle for manual jobs or every kind!

    Thank you in advance

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    Depends what you're looking for!

    Check out this site Jobs in Scotland on, the number 1 Scottish job site


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      Anything, I don't really care what; it would be the same an experience!


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        I completely disagree that it is easy to get a job in Scotland. I have asked my son who lives in Edinburgh. He states few employers looking for regular staff are going to hire someone who will only be in Scotland for a few months, although you might be lucky and find some casual pub work in some of the more popular tourist or student areas such as the Grassmarket in Edinburgh. However, these casual jobs are unlikely to cover the cost of living there. I cannot comment on other areas of Scotland.

        By all means visit Scotland but make sure you have enough finances available to cover your stay without finding work. If you find some casual work whilst you are there, it will be a bonus.


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          if its a studenty summer job like bar work it shouldnt be that hard to get one during the summer as most of the student who work their during term time go home but as lost says its not guaranteed youd be able to live off that.


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            Lots of day work in Edinburgh during the Festival(s) at the various venues, but not guaranteed. And day rates are pretty poor.