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How to deal with Southern English managers...

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  • How to deal with Southern English managers...

    Hello, I work in a country in Continental Europe, and other that having to deal with a German boss that always look pissed off at you, I have also to deal with a direct manager that comes from Souther England, and has the typical qualities that many hates from English people:

    1 - In theory he never "forces you" to do something, but in fact he does, using subtle psycological tricks
    2 - "Ethon-style" behaviour
    3 - Typical Southern English accent
    4 - Lives to work, and pretends that other do the same

    Which advices would you give me to deal with this? For now I prefer not to take in consideration the idea of coming back to Scotland, but if I really get pissed off...

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    Most managers (including me) use 'psychological tricks'

    'Ethon' behaviour? Are you trying to say that, in a devious manner, he is an old-Etonian? What makes his behaviour 'old-Etonian'? You'll have to fill us in on those attributes.

    Typical southern English accent? And that annoys you, why? People can't help the accent they were born with. I mean, I find some Scots accents grate on me (my own Edinburgh one is, of course, beyond criticism)

    He lives to work? Would that others would do the same - then our countries might not be in the bad financial state they find themselves.

    You might be 'forced' into coming BACK to Scotland? Dinnae fash yersel, we've got enough of wur ain moaners here already!


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      Tweener, tell him to GTF!
      Polwarth, ya radge, ye kept that quiet!
      wullie m.


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        Ai em a quaiet sorta psychological weapon, ken?


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          The one thing guaranteed for anybody who "lives to work" is an early grave.
          "Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men."

          - Martin Luther King Jr.


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            Take him and your German down the pub and get them quietly pished, whilst maintaining your own semi-sobriety/decorum. Unaware of the subtlety of your approach and their own advancing condition, you can later photo them on your mobey as they down a funnel/tube of beer (what's that called again ?) or a beer-bong, just for posterity.

            PS Has anyone tried a Carlsberg Special beer-bong ? Does it work ?