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Scolarships In the USA

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  • Scolarships In the USA

    If you are interested on getting a Scolarship for a USA
    College or University. Please contact me at *****


    We are supposed to be all things Scottish !!!!!

    So I am deleting your address, if anyone wants to
    know the address they can message you from this site.

    I am at this moment in time not classing you as a spammer
    even though this is your first post !!

    I do wonder why you did not introduce yourself in 'New Members'
    before posting in here !!
    Last edited by Babz; 26th November 2007, 23:19. Reason: Taken address out...possible spammer !!

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    Scolarships in the USA

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Lucio, I work for and international program call "IDEA", that recruit international students to enroll them in to USA Universities and Colleges. The program offer scolarships to students to more than 160 different institutions.

    I had joined this forums in search for prospective students or to find any representavies for our program in Scothland. If anyone is interested or if you have any good ideas of how and where I can promote my self there I will be thankfull.

    Please contact me here,



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      Sounds like spam to me...


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        Originally posted by Polwarth View Post
        Sounds like spam to me...
        With all my respect, it my sound like a Spam to you, but it may be help full for other people, like it was to me. Best Regards.


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          I now deem this to be spam...I did mention that in the post you put in the forum
          'Career, College, Coordinating and Coping With Life '
          that I was not classing it as spam, BUT you have said the same thing in here without
          the address put in !!!

          In my eyes it can not be anything but spam !!

          I will be combining both your threads in the above forum !!

          I think you will find that the members from Scotland are on the whole past the age of
          needing fulltime education !!