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    Yes I have a Scottish Business and would like to post about it here without it being spam!!

    I love to promote all things Scottish from our Film,music,culture and landscape and through this I have been asked by Bill Little of Scot Films Uk to do the merchandise for his Scottish film Revenge The Movie and also by Mike Ogletree (ex Simple Minds) to do the merchandise for his cd tribute to Robert Burns - The Kilmarnock Edition.

    There is a range of patriotic clothes,mugs,cards,prints & canvas, magnets,bumper stickers and shoes which can all be customised !!

    GirvanLighthouse: Home: Gallery

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    Colin, your links seem OK as far as not passing out names and/or web addresses and your information seems to be just that, rather than adverts so I am satisfied that this truly is an attempt at discussion and offered information for those interested, rather than free advertising.

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      Thanks Kathy !!

      Just anything that gets people talking about film,music, Scootish identity and the scenery etc has to be a good thing !!

      As well as promoting the love of Robert Burns and his legacy in 2009 when the words have so much meaning as they did back then.