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    last thread was closed. So I am posting a reply on a new thread!
    You said:
    "Visiting in May. Any suggestions on wht sights we should see??"

    Plenty to see. Best time of year as well, in my opinion, the least chance of rain, summer coming to the glens but still some snow on the tops. Unfortunately, as you may have heard, the foot & mouth outbreak has curtailed activities in the British countryside (you can still drive anywhere, but not walk on footpaths and moorland. Although bizzarely, skiing is still continuing). If there are no new cases in the next couple of weeks, then the scare could subside as quickly as it started - there is also the issue that in Scotland at least, the outbreak is confined to Dumfriesshire, a small corner near the border. There are talks taking place about access to the rest of the country as I type. However, the short answer is, nobody will know for sure for the next 2 weeks what the situation will be. So hang tight.

    Anyway, the cities and towns are still fully accessible: and Edinburgh is definately worth visiting. A great city for walking around. Glasgow also has its share of fine museums - most especially the Kelvingrove, the Gallery of Modern Art, and the Burrell. and the culture is more vibrant and contemporary - it will also be Mayfest, a fair sized music etc festival in Glasgow. Most tourists do a circuit of Edinburgh, Aviemore, Loch Ness, Skye, and back. However, I would say that it is worth going further - Skye is a must see, but so is the far north west, and all the other islands. If you have time you should definately visit some islands. A couple of good islands: Mull, Colonsay, Barra, Orkney, Eigg. But almost all are worth visiting.
    Anyway, hope this helps, and check out my site for more info