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    Hope this helps Babz

    1. How customizable is the photo page?
    The choice of photographs to display is completely yours. The photo page builder will ask you which background color you would like to use, what text you would like as headlines and captions, and how you would like to arrange your pictures on the page.

    2. How can I make changes afterward?
    If you would like to further customize your photo page beyond the capabilities of the photo page builder, feel free to use the home page editor. To get to the home page editor, follow the link from the screen informing you that your photo page has been created. Your photo page will be the file named 'my_photos1.html'. To edit that file, click the round button to the left of the file name, and then select 'Edit File' from the buttons on the right.

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    The board page on the web site states that EB elections happen in June. Would someone please edit that to 'May'? By the way, if you guys need to breake all captchas - I reccomend this: XEvil 4.0: perfect captcha solver, included Google ReCaptcha-2!