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Scottish man looking for friends

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  • Scottish man looking for friends

    Hi I'm a wee man from Fife in Scotland and would like to meet people from around the world.

    If you're interested in Scotland or visiting Scotland it would be great to hear from you and what you would do when you visit. :-)

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    Hi from America! There's loads of ladies on here looking to chat with you lol I'm sure you will see. Have you been to the US yet?


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      Hi Shell

      Looks like a popular site here. I've never been to the US yet but I'm thinking about going to the east coast in the future. Mostly I've travelled to Spain for holidays but I would also like to travel to other European countries and Asia as well. I don't mind where someone is from as long as they're nice.

      Have you ever been to Scotland?


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        I'm sure you'll enjoy the east coast, a lot of people do. Funny thing, I've never been. Well, one state but it is considered more "the south". Spain is probably amazing. Sadly, I haven't done any international travel unless you count Canada. ...but Canada for me would be like you going to England. ..not exactly world travel lol I've got plans to go to Scotland hopefully next year or the year after. Going with my sister so the timing has to work for us both. I will be competing in highland games starting in the spring so I'd love to come over and see traditional games while I'm visiting. And so much more I want to see. I feel like I need a month long holiday just to fit it all in


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          My name is Diane and I am from Canada. I would love to chat and to get to know you better. Look forward to hearing back from you! Cheers


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            Hello, My name is Joleen, Yes I hope to visit Scotland next year..still looking for a travel buddy lol! I have been to Ireland as well as Italy, loved them both! Plan to spend at least 2 weeks. I have an idea where abouts I want to go but any ideas are welcome. So how are you?