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Any single American ladies out there, 26 year old scot male looking for love !

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  • Any single American ladies out there, 26 year old scot male looking for love !

    Hey, im Aaron im 26 year old and from Kirkcaldy about 20 minutes from our capital Edinburgh. I'm a hardworking engineer that has worked my but off for what ive got today. I'm looking for that special someone to sweep me off my feet. I have been and still am in love with America after 7 trips over there. You are some of the friendliest and most genuine woman on the planet. I miss that feeling of communication with you girls abroad and the girls here in scotland have no passion and spirit. Im looking to chat and get to know anybody from America and possibly arrange a visit wether it be over here or over there. if interested send me a private mail with your email address so we can talk. Why live a boring life any of you girls want to do something exciting and spice your life up ? Thanks

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    I would like to say how wonderful you put us american women on a pedestal,however, it is not polite to talk about your Scottish women like that. I am sure not all Scottish women lack passion and such,just like not every American woman is outgoing and kind. Good day.


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      As an Australian living in Scotland, I have always found Scottish women to be fun and love to laugh, I have always found American women to be a little more withdrawn


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        That's an awful brave statement

        I have 20 says you will not go into Whither spoons, Kirkcaldy on Friday, and shout all Scottish women have no passion,

        I'll give you hand, I'll hold the entrance door open so the ambulance crew can get in quicker - I think you will experience all the passion you can handle


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          No, dinnae fash yersel, OATN..... He'd be feart of ANY Scotswumman.... Too much passion, ken?!


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            Ok this might sound odd but I have always loved Scottish men. If you are interested in chatting don't be afraid to message me.


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              I would love to chat. Feel free to message me


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                Still looking for your passionate gal?

                Aaron, I know I'm late to the party, but i certainly felt like we were in the same boat. I'm a 24 year old Texas girl, also hard working in a professional career, and fed up with the silly boys I have to pick from here in my hometown. Let me tell you first hand, you would be hard pressed to find a gal more passionate (and possibly hot headed) than one from Texas. We're a special breed. I got on the site seeking pen pals or long distance friendships (with a "you never know where it might lead" type of clause), and if you're interested, feel free to message me.