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American lady would love to chat with Scottish guy

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  • American lady would love to chat with Scottish guy

    I am a 20 year old American with some Irish descent, who loves both Irish and Scottish culture. Though I would love to go to Ireland I think the highlands of Scotland are just a little more gorgeous lol. I love listening to Celtic Thunder and watching people Performe the River Dance always amazes me (talk about synchronization!). My favorite song is Sweet Rosemary and I think the Irish and Scottish accents are gorgeous (I have to admit though that Scottish accents are my favorite). I am a big animal lover and love the outdoors as well.
    I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes with an athletic 5 foot 8 inches build. my favorite sport is soccer and I played it for 12 years. I wouldn't consider myself a vain person, but I really love my high heeled cowgirl boots.
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    hi Scottish but also have sum Irish ancestry.....well my surname is how r u.....Paul x