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Texas small-town reporter seeking Scottish pen pals

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  • Texas small-town reporter seeking Scottish pen pals

    Hi there! I am a 24 year-old woman employed as a small-town news reporter in the Texas Hill Country. I'm looking to engage in long distance friendships, and Ive always liked Scotland so I decided to try this forum. I'm open to both male and female pen pals, but it should be known that I am heterosexual, and I do have a "you never know what it might lead to" clause when it comes to friendships (especially Scotsmen ). If you'd like to start a correspondence, message me. I am very friendly and you may get some entertaining stories out of me, and I hope I would get some as well!
    Also, I should add that I am a Christian and my faith is a huge part of my day to day life. If you don't want to hear about that in our communications, I suggest you find a different pen pal Cheers!
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    This is an American-owned site, and very few of the members are Scots! Many members seem to be American women seeking Scotsmen, preferably wearing kilts

    There are a few natives (I'm one!), I'm heterosexual, happily married and agnostic
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      American owned?

      Polwarth, I had no idea this was an America owned website. That would explain some things. I'm mostly looking for Scottish pen pals, but I did see quite a few female Americans looking for the equivalent of Jamie Frazier if you catch my reference.


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        I do catch your reference.... One of the most rubbishy bodice rippers...


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          Hi and welcome! There are a couple of Scots kicking about here.

          I too am a native (although I live down south now . . . ), 34, not seeking a relationship, agnostic/humanist.

          Small town America has fascinated me since I visited years ago. I find US urban geography fascinating (everything is so far apart! Very different from our towns and cities); Bill Bryson's "The Lost Continent" is one of my favourite travel books of all time.
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            Hi Errand, come and join my facebook page if you like. I see a lot of Scotland through work. I taken US friends around the Highlands 3 times.


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              Hi, I wouldn't mind a chat some time - forgot I was registered on here so it would be nice to connect with some new people!


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                From New Zealand

                Are you actually from Alba? Which newspaper are you working for because I want to write to a few newspapers in that area. I am from NZ by the way.