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  • Scotland friends!

    Hello! My name is Katie and I'm from the US. I adore traveling and I my next adventure brings me to Scotland! I am looking to meet some friends on here so when I go they can show me some amazing sights and looking for some great friends along the way! I love New adventures and can be a bit of a handful sometimes. I find Scottish history the most fascinating and would love to have a Scottish friend or friends to learn more about it. I would happily reciprocate- but I am aware Indiana is slightly boring.

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    Hello Katie, not many scots on here, but welcome to the forum.


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      Hi Katie - are you interested in any particular aspect of Scottish history?


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        All of it! I just read a book called History of Scotland- but it was written int the 1960s so I am sure some has changed since then. It was also very vague on the Scottish British war. I am looking forward to going and seeing the places from History!


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          No, nothing much has happened since the 1960s

          What book were you reading? I must confess, I'm not too familiar with "the Scottish British war". I must have missed that part . . .


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            Hello Katie!

            Scot here. I'm from Falkirk in the East coast. I'd be happy to talk to you about Scots history and culture