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Aussie girl headed to Edinburgh in 2015

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  • Aussie girl headed to Edinburgh in 2015


    My name's Hettie, I'm 32, and I'm from Australia's 'Sunshine city', Brisbane. I'm going to be heading to Edinburgh in September next year as part of a student exchange program to complete my undergrad degree in sociology. I've been working while studying, and this will be my first time heading overseas so I'm hoping to make some friends before I head over who will like to catch up and share a laugh and a coffee.

    I'm a kind, down-to-earth, optimistic, friendly person who gets along with a range of different people from different backgrounds, of different ages and different hobbies. I love the country even though I'm a city-dweller, I love being around vibrant colours, festivals, music, markets and enjoying life to the fullest. I also always try to find the good in life, even in bad times, as I feel like is too short to hold onto what makes us unhappy.

    I have been lucky and made some really good friends out of pen-pals. I'm hoping to have that luck again here. So I hope to hear from you soon! Take care!

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    You will enjoy Edinburgh... Apart from the weather. Crowded House said that New Zealand had 'Four Seasons in one day'. Well, we often have four seasons in a couple of hours!

    Sadly, there are very few Scots on this American-owned board, and some of them only seem interested in getting themelves a foreign girlfriend and do not participate on other fora on the site!

    I've visited Australia as I have close family in Canberra, NSW, Melbourne and Perth. Hope to visit again next year, at the end of your summer. I'm a very fair-skinned Celt, so can't take extremes like the Aussie summer.

    I hope you get a penpal, but if you have any questions, put them in the relevant forum and we'll try to give you the info you need.


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      G,day sport

      Welcome yo the site, leave your skinnies, surfboard and sun block at home, pack thick socks, furry bra and pants, and a lot of Jumpers...

      You will love Edinburgh and the Scot's, they are not too unlike the Australians with their banter and sense if humour..

      I have a sister that lives in Mount Martha

      I'm A Scot living in Scotland, if you need some advice see a proffesional, if you want a friend we'll pull a chair up, and by the way it's your round

      Enjoy the site